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Recommended Kids' Guidebooks

The following books are useful adjuncts to TYKE, especially for those visiting a specific country. Click on any linked book to purchase it.

Britain and Ireland
London for Families. Lain, Larry & Michael. Interlink Publishing Group, 2000. ISBN 1-5665-6337-2, $14.95. Finally a London guide you can buy in the U.S. I can't agree with anyone who recommends the Changing of the Guard, but the Lains have written a helpful guide, other than that!

Kids' London: Dorling Kindersley Travel Guides. Adams, Simon. DK Publishing, 2000. ISBN 0-7894-5249-9. All the great pictures of a DK guide with kid-level text.

Take the Kids London. Fullman, Joseph. Cadogan Guides, 2000. ISBN 1-8601-1992-1, $16.95. Pictures, maps and trivia questions enliven a very thorough city guide.

Usborne Book of London. Butterfield, Moira. E.D.C. Publications, 1987. ISBN 0-7460-0050-2, $9.95. Available from www.amazon.com. The history and landmarks of London with photos and cutaway illustrations. For kids ten and older.

Ireland for Kids. MacKenzie, Derek. Trafalgar Publishing, 2001. ISBN 1-8401-8304-7. I found the previous hardcover edition at my local U.S. bookstore; look for it or the new paperback. Very comprehensive; includes activities, museums, hotels, restaurants throughout the Republic and Northern Ireland.

Découvrir Paris est un Jeu d'Enfant. Bourdial, Isabelle and Guidoux, Valerie. Editions Parigramme/CPL, 28, rue d'Assas, 75006 Paris, 1994. ISBN 2-8409-6013-3, 98 F. A great guide in French, to buy on arrival or from www.amazon.fr. Covers museums, parks, zoos, markets—even pick-your-own farms near Paris!

Le Guide de la Science en France. Guides Hachette, 79 Boulevard Saint-Germain 5006 Paris, 1994. ISBN 2-0124-2153-9. 98F. A wonderful guide to factory visits, nature parks, aquariums and all things scientific in France. Includes editors' top picks. In French; buy it on arrival or from www.amazon.fr.

Le Guide du Routard Junior…Paris et ses environs avec vos enfants. Hachette Livre, 1999. French book widely available in Paris. Fr 79. Includes activities, restaurants and shops recommended for kids.

Paris for Families. Lain, Larry & Michael. Interlink Publishing Group, 2000. ISBN 1-5665-6360-7, $14.95. Very comprehensive; even includes info on short-term apartments and sample letters in French to help you book.

Take the Kids Paris & Disneyland Paris. Truszkowski, Helen. Cadogan Guides, 2000. ISBN 1-8601-1995-6, $16.95. Same inviting format as the London guide; includes Disneyland Paris. We disagree with some recommendations, but overall useful.

Florence for Kids. Filipponi, Stefano and Fineschi, Annalisa. Fratelli Palombi Editori, 1998. ISBN 88-7621-922-6. A thin colorful guide to Florence written at an upper-elementary level. Only available in Italy.

Italy With Kids. Pape, Barbara and Michael. Open Road Publishing, 2000. ISBN 1-8929-7538-6, $14.95. Real parent-tried advice with sections for Rome, Venice, Verona, Tuscany, Naples & Amalfi, and Milan & Lakes Region.

General Kids' Guidebooks
Take the Kids Travelling. Truszkowski, Helen. Cadogan Guides, 2000. ISBN 1-8601-1991-3, $16.95. More geared to the US and Europe than Travel with Children. Good resource for UK sources not available in the U.S.

Travel With Children. Wheeler, Maureen. Lonely Planet Publ., 1995. ISBN 0-8644-2299-7, $11.95 Advice for hard-core family travelers, especially those heading to third-world countries. Useful info for anyone; will make travel in Europe seem like a snap.

Usborne Book of Europe. Treays, Rebecca. Usborne, 1994. ISBN 0-7460-1024-9, £7.65. Available online from WH Smith at www.bookshops.co.uk. Comprehensive enough for parents, but written for kids to read, too. Good overview of the Continent.

Adventuring With Children Jeffrey, Nan. Avalon House Publishing, 1995. ISBN 0-9627-5624-5 $14.95 Great overseas and domestic advice for active families who want to backpack, camp, sail, bicycle or canoe.